Tea at 10am

Starting Something New Again

If you know me at all, you know I am constantly trying something new. A few years ago I set up a YouTube page. Don’t go there now. However in the next week I will be setting it up for writers.

I’m going to do Tea at 10am. For twenty to thirty minutes I will talk about writing. How I got started and how I can help you get started. At the end of each I will give a writing prompt. You can use it or not. There will be a place you can send your sample to me if you want an opinion.

I will also be letting you know about up coming books or events and where to find me.

For those wanting to know more about my writing, where to get it, what’s available this will be the place to find things. I do not yet have a schedule for these. I have not decided if they will be daily or twice a week or three times a week.

I will keep you posted and let you know when this will happen. For now I just want you in the loop.

Happy writing!


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