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Tea @ 10

Yes, I did start. Monday through Friday at 10am on my YouTube channel: Rebecka Vigus I am going live and talking about all things writing. I also give a daily writing prompt.

A friend who is a huge YouTuber connected my lives with his stream. I am…

Tea at 10am

Starting Something New Again

If you know me at all, you know I am constantly trying something new. A few years ago I set up a YouTube page. Don’t go there now. However in the next week I will be setting it up for writers.

I’m going to do Tea…

When You think Your Book is Done

I’ve been working on a short story book. The covers are done. The epub is ready. I went to upload the PDF for the book and discover it is wrong. Eek!!!

I am not going to make the deadline for publication. Iwill not have your two week pre-sale window. …


Life in 2021 Has Been a Whirlwind

I started a side hustle in December selling Paparazzi Jewelry for $5 each piece. That side hustle has me heading toward Life of the Party-Bronze level. Never expected or planned that. It’s fun to do.

In February before heading to South Carolina to…

It’s a new year


2021 is still hanging onto some of the past. We still have Covid-19, although there are two vaccines out there now. We are still wearing masks and social distancing. The prejudice I saw in 2020 is still dividing our country.

My hope for…


Always a holiday when family gathers. Even in this year of Covid. This year was bittersweet. We lost our mother on November 19th. This year the family pitched in to make Thanksgiving dinner and we had our last meal in our childhood home. The last time we were all…


Whether You Write Long-hand or Type into a Computer You are Writing

The most important thing you can do as a writer is to write. Seems rather obvious. I find most writers start writing, then the look for someone to read what they have written.

This is a HUGE mistake…

Just a few of my books


The answer to that depends on the author and the publisher. I have a five year plan for writing. Actually I have a ten year plan for writing. I had a publisher ask for a five year plan. I gave…


My book launch on October 6th was seen by over 800 people. There was awesome interaction. Prizes were given away.

What I learned:

  1. Don’t plan a 3 hour book launch.
  2. Use Streamyard it’s awesome!!!
  3. Have all your trivia questions ahead of time.
  4. Find a great co-host or emcee.

It gets real when the proof copies of your new book arrive. It gets even more real when you send questions to your emcee for the virtual book launch. It’s going to happen when the gift cards you are giving as prizes arrive.

Yes, it’s real!!

This is my first shot at toddler…

Rebecka Vigus

The Writer Whisperer I help writers get their book or books written

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